Hunting Fish: Use Your Bow Correctly

If you’re up for a new challenge, you might want to take up fishing using a bow and arrow, instead of a fishing rod. Bowfishing is becoming more and more popular as an outdoor sport. It’s a perfect combination of fishing, hunting, and archery.

In bowfishing, you usually have to target the rough fish; the most common of which is the carp. However, it also includes perch, eels, catfish, sharks, stingrays, etc. These fishes are, most of the time, bottom feeders. People don’t usually pay big for them and fishermen with rods rarely get the satisfaction in catching them. Now, with bowfishing, getting rough fishes may offer you all the fun you need. To start hunting using your bow, here are a few steps you must follow.

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1. Purchase the necessary equipment.

Bowfishing is not only fun; it is also quite inexpensive. With less than $30, you can buy all you need to get started with it. Equipment for this kind of hunting includes a bow, arrow tipped with fiber glass, and reel with the line.

You must ensure that the tips have barbs in it and are sharp enough to go through the fish. For your bows, you must purchase those especially designed for bowfishing. You cannot just randomly pick what you think to be the good compound bow. The bow will get you to your success or failure. Its weight usually doesn’t matter. However, you might want to pick recurves to compound. Even if it is the best compound bow, it will still need you to draw fully; thus, getting your arm tired and making you slower.

2. Find the right time and place to fish.

Remember that you are only allowed to bowfish in states where it is legal to hunt. Be sure to check the rules and regulations in your locality and ask the department of wildlife which types of fishes you’re allowed to hunt.

As it has always been, fish are easy to hit if they are in the shallow. Hence, the best time to hunt is when it’s spawning season. It’s the time when the carps breed in knee deep water. In these seasons, you can usually see half their body above the water, splashing around. This makes hitting them very easy. In most states, carps usually spawn later in spring or in the first weeks of summer because it’s when the water is just warming up. June is also a good month to bowfish. If you follow these months, you may be able to take home a lot of game.

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3. Rent a boat.

In order to bowfish, you will need a boat. It is true that you can do it in the shoreline, too, but the experience will not be the same.

Boats with flat bottoms and air boats are usually ideal for bowfishing. Serious fishermen usually install a motor, especially designed for fishing in the shallow waters, in their boats. Some even install lightings and wooden platforms. Purchasing a boat could be very expensive. However, if you’re on budget, you can use any kind of fishing boats. If you’re not planning to buy a boat for yourself at all, you can just start by renting one.

4. Begin your hunt.

In bowfishing, you must learn how to use your bow. Speed is the key. You must be able to quickly draw and shoot. When you see that the tip of your arrow goes through the fish, you have to reel the line, get the arrow removed and go shoot another one. The process is as easy as that. You have to repeat it a couple of times so make sure that you are comfortable with your bow.

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Unlike normal archery, you don’t really need to aim when bowfishing. Most fishermen just shoot on sight. This gives them a lot of time to shoot the next fish. Of course, there is a possibility that shooting without an aim will leave you without any game at all. So, make sure that you have a fish in sight before you let go of the arrow. Remember that the water’s reflection makes the fish seem closer than they really are. Always apply the rule of the thumb, which means you have to aim low. It doesn’t matter whether you shoot the head, tail, or body.

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