Hunting Deers: Be Accurate

Hunting has been one of the most popular outdoor activity for many. In fact, more and more states have now legalized hunting. There are many animals that can be hunted.; deer being one of them. For active hunters, hunting is a unique experience that brings them back to the time when people usually hunt to survive.  That feeling when you killed your game is one of a kind. Of course, hunting is not for everyone. So if ever you are planning to be a hunter yourself, there are certain things you should know before engaging yourself into something as dangerous as hunting. Safety is a must especially for beginners. If you want to be a seasoned hunter, you must get the gist of the sport.

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As mentioned earlier, hunting is  quite a dangerous sport;  thus, necessary precautions have to be followed when one hunts. Before anything else, it is very important to secure your hunting permit. You can get one from your local wildlife conservation department. Make sure to include the following information in your permit:

  • The kind and number of deer you think you can tag- This is to strictly monitor the deer in the area.
  • The duration of the hunt should be specified- You must know when deer season lasts. In most states, the schedule of season is based on the unit of weapon; e.g., one season for bow and arrow, another for guns, etc. If you want to use bow and arrow, use best compound bow for accurate shot. Moreover, make sure to use the appropriate gun and the right ammunition.
  • Safety regulations is also strictly implemented. This includes things such as specific hunting schedules and clothes to be worn. If your local office permits the use of firearms then you must know and strictly follow the rules.

Aside from your permit, clothes, and weapon of choice, the use of proper hunting equipment is very essential. You can bring the tools of your  preference, but it’s highly recommended to use the following:

  • Binoculars- When hunting, most of the your time will probably be spent waiting. Have yourself a pair of binoculars to easily spot the deer near the area. This will buy you time to take action before the deer notice your presence. When the deer is in shooting range, then you got your kill.
  • Fanny-pack kit- You never know what might happen while hunting, so it is better to be prepared at all times. Consider bringing some essentials like the flashlight, insect repellent, knife and sharpening stone, lighter, and first-aid kit.
  • Your choice of weapon- If you are planning to use weapons in hunting, you must choose the right one. You can use firearms using the right ammunition; or you can use accurate bow and arrow like the best compound bow to help you tag the deer.

Get yourself some decent hunting clothes. You might think that there’s no need for  you to overthink your choice of clothing, but you  couldn’t be more wrong. What you wear is important especially if you are hunting with other hunters; you might want to blend in as much as possible.

  • Camouflage- While hunting you have to blend in. Most hunters might misinterpret this as a need to look cool and compromise their comfort. You should wear something comfortable!
  • Hunting boots- Aside from your camouflage, your boots is also important. There is a fat chance of you to run while  hunting. It wouldn’t hurt to prepare yourself if that happens.

If you have a private land to go hunting, you can bait the area with plants or food. This will make the deer think that the area is a good territory to get food. In this case, you don’t have to waste your time looking for the place where they usually roam. You gave them that place! Most food used as bait are carrots, sugar beets, corn, grains,  and mineral licks.

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When you are already in the hunting area, first thing to do is to look for signs of the deer. You can look for scrapes which are usually found in the ground. The more scrapes you find, the more chances you have to encounter deer in that particular area.

Deer cannot see well, so they mostly use their sense of smell. You don’t want the deer to catch your scent so conceal your odor from them. There are wide range of products that you can buy that will do the job.

Once you have covered your scent and laid your bait, deer will approach in no time. So prepare yourself and your weapon. It is recommended to do one-shot-kill. With this, deer get killed in just one shot and without suffering. Most hunters prefer to make their shot as clean and accurate as possible.

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