Hunting Tips: How to hunt Bears

Calculated and advanced skills with safety awareness are a must in hunting. If you have watched hunting documentaries on TV, then you should know that this is one intense outdoor activity. Not to mention the bears are pretty dangerous, making it even more complicated. This is why before one hunts, he should be equipped with the necessary skills and know the twist and turns in hunting. Reading some hunting tips will be helpful if you happen to plan a hunting party with your friends.

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Acquiring hunting permit or hunting license is one  way to minimize dangers in hunting. This not  only  considers the safety of the hunters but also to limit  and monitor the slaughter of bears. You can apply for permit in your local wildlife regulating agency. Process the documents there and pay the fees. There’s also an online system for license application.This should make you get your license in no time.

It is important to specify the weapons which will be used in hunting. For some, the unit and weapon determines the scheduled date when you are allowed to hunt. There are several hunting weapons that you can choose  from: rifles, muzzle-loaders and bow and arrows. Baits and calls can  also be used in hunting bears.

Topographical map is also essential in bear hunting. It helps you to determine the areas best for hunting. This also allows you to plan properly and study the area for you to avoid any dangerous sites. In bear hunting, one should plan systematically to avoid accidents during the hunt. Topographical maps help you set your plans well. Every state has its own guidelines and regulation regarding the allowed hunting perimeters, so it is best to know  your way around the area.

Mark the the boundaries on the map. It is also important to mark all roads and trails that can be used as potential access points of the legal boundaries.

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Doing some background research is also helpful. You can search public records related to hunting to gain more information. Who knows? You might pick up some useful information by doing so. You can search for information like bear population in your preferred hunting area. You can also read some success stories of other hunters.

Now that you know all the things needed to be done in pre-hunting stage, it is only wise to also have yourself some helpful strategies during the hunting stage. These strategies are deemed effective in hunting, so you might consider using some.

Trace the food source until it will lead  you to the bears. Bears are among those animals that consume a wide variety of foods. They need large calorie intake to gain summer fat which in turn  enables them to adjust body temperature especially during winter season. There are different species of bear and they have different preference of habitat.

  • Black bears utilize a number of food sources. The bears forage for plants and insects, and hunt for game.
  • Brown bears, on the other hand, are usually associated with salmon in the rivers. They are found in low elevations and eat moose or forage while waiting for the salmon.
  • Grizzly bears are usually found on the high country. They are found on rock faces every summer months. The bears remove pieces of rocks  from the slopes to search for moths and other insects. They feed from moths and insects as their source of protein.

If you are hesitant to search for bears in their usual habitat, you can always think of ways to let  them come to you. In this case, you can use bait and wounded game calls to get the bears curiosity into your desired area. You can use these techniques together or separately until the bears are within shooting distance.

  • The use of wounded game calls is an effective way to draw bears closer. They imitate the loud squeals and sound of a dying and wounded animal. This game call is available in many stores that sell hunting tools and equipments.
  • Use hounds to run the bears. They will run for some couple of hours but will tire eventually and seek refuge in trees.
  • Use your weapon when necessary. Bears are dangerous animals and may attack hunters. Shots are usually placed behind their front shoulder. In this shot, bears are quickly killed due to deep penetration of the bullet.
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