How to Use the Sling and Bow to Its Fullest Potential

A long time ago, archery was used to hunt wild animals for people to eat. As time passed, it has become a leisure activity that many has come to love and enjoy. If you’re interested to join the thousands of people aiming their shot, then you must know how to use, and even repair your bow and arrow properly.

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Before learning to aim and shoot a bull’s eye, you need to have the necessary things required to engage in archery. Aside from the bow and arrow, you need a stabilizer or most commonly known as the sling. The sling is a leather or plastic that is used to get a more precise and accurate aim of your target. Moreover, it protects your bow from falling off from your hand. There are three main types of sling; the finger sling, the wrist sing and the bow sling.

  • In the finger sling, the index finger and the thumb are attached by a loop. This is sling is favorable because of it’s small size, allowing the archer to take his or her aim without blockages. This sling gives you a better grip of your bow. You need not to worry about loops loosening. The more you worry about your sling, the higher the tendency to move your fingers wide apart and raising your thumb a bit. Because of the tension, your aim might falter. This sling is best paired with the best compound bows. You just need to be more confident when you use this sling while taking your aim.
  • The bow sling is attached to a certain point below the grip of the bow handle. Because of this arrangement, there is a tendency for you to rotate the bow, making a big swinging movement. The swinging movement, instinctively makes you grab the bow during shooting the arrow, causing a disruption on your arrow flight. For this sling, it is not suitablue for beginners, due to high grabbing reactions. Good posture is a key for this sling. It needs constant training in order to contain the reactions caused by the impact of the bow. This sling works well with the best compound bows, too.
  • The good thing about wrist sling is how you feel secure by using it. The wrist sling is attached to your wrist and the bow. It gives you a nice fit around your bow. The only problem with it is it’s tendency to tighten around the finger. You just have to tweak and adjust the the sling and you are ready to take your aim.

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Now that you have the necessary equipment, you must learn how to use them. Here are the things you need to master.

  • Bow handling is very important in getting a perfect hit. You have to remember that being relaxed is the key to a bull’s eye. Being tense can cause disruption in taking your aim.
  • Hand placement also plays an important role. You need to be comfortable on how you hold your bow. The placement of your bow also tells if you are relaxed or not. These are some ways of holding your bow. The first one is the low wrist. By putting the bow on the ball of your hand, it helps your hand relax. The advantage of this is the wrist strength use is lesser compared to other bow handling. The problem with this is if you are going to hold your hand tightly, it will make your hand tense. The second one is straight wrist. In this, your hand and wrist are at the same level. Because of this positioning, it will apply pressure between your index finger and thumb causing your hand your posture to be tense. For straight wrist, errors are most likely to occur even if the position is good. This handling requires a lot of wrist strenght and its hard to maintain if you are shooting on longer periods of time. The last one is the high wrist. You are going to hold the bow higher. This position is good however, it affects wrist strenght. This positioning, just like the straight wrist, it’s hard to maintain for longer periods of time causing you to change placements when you get tired.

In conclusion, it is important that you are confident and relax when you take your aim. The stabilizers and bow handlings given are all good depending which of the it suits your comfort zone. Whether you prefer finger sling or bow sling, either high wrist or low wrist, always remember that playing this sport to your comfort will give you that bull’s eye that you have been aiming for!

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