How to Take Advantage of the Golden October

Many hunters believe that during the month of October, there is a decrease in activity, but the truth is, there is a change happening that one needs to take advantage of to make this season a good hunting period.

deer hunting where to findOn this month, there is an increase in deer movement that’s steady, but there is a major change in where and how they are moving. It often happens that the place where hunters usually focus on is the place the deer avoid at this time.

This month is a prime time to hunt if you read the signs correctly. A couple of things to look at during this period are discussed below.

Where to find deer?

Deer go to places where they feel safe so when they have noticed hunters coming in one zone, they avoid it. They feel the pressure from the month of September which goes all the way to October, making them look and go to hide outs. When you notice a change of activity in the deer, it is time to start looking for the areas they have retreated for safety. These safe havens need to have food, water and shelter.

How to find them?

This could be the perfect time for you to place trail cameras to spy on several areas. Do this at night to predict the patterns of their movement. Aside from this, try to observe and keep record on the way other hunters do the tracking. At the same time, try to keep your own work away from them. If other hunters notice what you are doing by putting tree stamps, it attracts them and they will use your marks to start hunting. To avoid this, use other kinds of markers, like corn.

What to do when the deer are found?

When you locate the deer’s hideouts, place the corn in areas that you can easily get to. The deer normally go to the overlooked areas, mainly the thick bushes which becomes an advantage to you. It’s easy to select the overlooked areas to mark for tracking.

Before placing the corns and cameras, it is important to note that they are supposed to be easily noticed by you and not by other hunters. This is done by using camouflaged, flavored and scented corns to attract animals fast. However, the corn’s color should not be easily noticed on the ground to avoid attracting hunters.

Spread about 2 gallons of bait around the safe area. The reason why you should place small amounts is to make sure the deer eats them faster so that other hunters won’t be able to find them. There is a chance that other hunters can notice, but the odds are minimal compared to other methods. Hide the cameras around the area where the corns are spread. After tracking the deer movements and securing them on their place, you can now easily to lock in the target.

In contrast to hunting deer, fishing is best done in October. If you’re planning to some easy hunting, then the 11th month is your oyster.

find fish to hunt

Where to find fish?

The month of October is one of the best month to do fishing. Pressure is taken off the lake as less people actually fish at this time. The feeding period for fish occurs during the fall, covering a large space across several lakes in every states.

What baits to use in fishing?

Some of the best baits to use during this period include the following:

  • Square bill crank bait- This fishing lure works best on shallow waters and in rocky waters, submerged logs and wood covered areas. It normally goes through these covers really well. It’s fast and effective to use.
  • Lipless crank bait- It is used to catch active fish like bass, which are found in shallow water. They are best used in areas where there is grass in the lake, for instance, in the backs of creeks where mud flats go about 2-3 ft. deep.
  • Buzz bait- It can be used to catch the bigger fish and is really effective in the cold water, especially in low light conditions. This type of bait draws fish out from clear or stained water with heavy cover.

There are other baits that can be hunted during the October season, like waterfowls, but these are among the best baits to use during the fall.

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