How Hunger Games Fuel Interest in Archery

Hunger Games trilogy, whether in the books and movies, has become such a huge success.  With this comes the new trend set by no other than the story’s heroine, Katniss Everdeen. Who has not fallen in love with the high spirited woman who has an uncommon expertise in archery?

The champion from District 12 used archery to hunt food, and later to win the Hunger Games. In the real world however, archery is slowly becoming a hobby of many young girls. Many articles are popping up about how more and more kids are grabbing their bows and arrows and signing up for an archery class.  This increase of participation can be proven by archery retailers and organizations such as USA Archery.

There were other movies that feature awesome archers aside from Hunger Games. This includes Robin Hood, Legolas from Lord of the Rings, Merida from Brave, and Hawkeye from The Avengers. However, none of them has made the same impact in archery as Katniss. What is it with this fictional character and how does she manage to stir up this surprising level of uproar?

Jennifer Lawrence stars as 'Katniss Everdeen' in THE HUNGER GAMES Movie

Katniss, unlike most of the fictional archers, is a young woman with a strong character. Naturally, the youth, especially the girls, feel a deep connection to her. They can relate to her character. When Katniss comes into the screen, holding her bow and shooting arrows, she becomes this awesome person who most people would like to become. She makes archery look cool.

The growing trend in archery, followed mostly by fans of Hunger Games, has not only helped the sports gain more participants, but it has also increased its reputation.  It is so evident in social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. that people, who may not have watched or read Hunger Games, have their interest heaved, too. Even though not all people reacting to the posts join archery, at least they get to see the charm of the sport.

Before, when the word archery comes to mind, most people usually think of hunting and killing animals. The image this creates is not that attractive for the kids and youth. They forget that the bow can be used to display skill and precision without having to harm a living being. Archery can, in fact, be a fun activity.

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So, what are the implications of this increase of interest in archery? First of all, participation in archery contests and games has improved. Leagues have found themselves catering to more participants since 2012. Following this is, of course, the fact that people now watch archery games too.  Last and the best of all, this major cultural shift in the history of archery did not cost any of the National Archery Organizations. If they know how to use this opportunity and utilize social media well, there’s no doubt that the sports could maintain their popularity even after the Hunger Games movies end.

Mastering one’s hold of the bow and aiming for a bull’s eye does not happen in an instant. Good archery skill takes time and effort. Some argues that kids may start taking archery classes, but the difficulty of the task will soon discourage them and make them quit. People rarely have the kind of patience to master something they only have a slight interest in. Moreover, the movie has already ended and one can only wonder how long the fad will last. Though there is a possibility the kids will stop going to archery lessons and participating in archery contests, the thrill of the sport is as good enough as any other reason for them to continue training and aiming to have the same level of great skill as Katniss.

Archery, which was once of the most underrated sports, does not entirely owe its popularity to the Hunger Games and its heroine. It has survived up to the 21st century without Katniss’ help. However, there’s no doubt that the movie did improve its fame.

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