Drills You Need to do Before Hunting Season

Hunting is one of the most honored sports since the medieval times. Back then, kings and other monarchs would hunt for game with their bows and arrows. Even up until today, many people still hunt as a hobby with modern day bows or crossbows. So while you’re getting ready for hunting season, why not practice a bit so that your skills don’t get rusty? So before the season comes, get your best compound bow and head to the field for some training! This article will provide five effective drills that will help you in your archery skills with the bow and arrow.

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Drill 1:

The first drill is a very basic drill that will help you improve your aim. To do this drill, you first have to put a target 30 yards away. After that, you have to try to shoot 3 consecutive shots that are all just 4 inches from the center. While doing this simple drill, practice your draw and make it as steady as possible. In order to have a good shot, you first need to have a good draw. So keep on practicing your form while you do this drill.

Drill 2:

This second drill will help you keep your draw in position so that you can be ready at all times while waiting for your target. To do this drill, you just have to set a target 30 yards away and draw your bow at the target. After that, hold your position for around 2 minutes. Do not think too much about aiming. Just hold your draw for those two minutes. When the two minutes are up, then you aim quickly and shoot. Gradually increase the distance over time.

Drill 3:

One of the key skills to have in archery is a sense of timing. This third drill well help you sharpen your senses so that your timing will become better. This is very crucial when hunting some game because animals move very fast. So if you want to catch a really quick buck or deer, then you have to know exactly when to shoot. To do this, create a wooden dear with a target on its torso and set it 20 yards away from you. Pretend that this is a real scenario. In this scenario, you only have five seconds to prepare and shoot. When you shoot, make sure that all your shots are 3 inches away from the middle of the target.

Drill 4:

When you are in the field, you will not know when and where an animal might pop out from. What if a buck pops out of the bush just right in front of you and you are not used to shooting at close range? You’ll most likely be spooked and let the buck go. So the best way to address this is to practice different ranges. Make several wooden deer and ask a friend to set up those wooden deer at random distances without letting you know. Once the deer have been set up, then go to the shooting spot and start shooting the deer.

Drill 5:

Long range shooting is very difficult because shooting from afar will make you more prone to committing mistakes since it’s pretty hard to see your aim. However, there are going to be times when you will have to shoot a deer or a buck that is really far from you. So in order to prepare for this situation, it’s better if you practice long range shooting. To do this, set several targets at a distance of 40, 50, 60, and 80 yards. After that, try to aim at the center of all these targets and shoot!

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Hunting season may still be a few months away but if you don’t sharpen your skills early, you might not have a pleasant hunting trip. So if you want to stay sharp and even improve your skills, then you have to practice a lot. If you practice and prepare in advanced, then you will be ready when hunting time comes. So go get your best compound bow and start practicing!

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