Diamond Bowtech 40-70 lbs Compound Bow Package Review

Diamond By Bowtech Core 40-70# 25
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Though the Diamond by Bowtech Core 40-70# 25”-30# Right Hand Compound Bow Package is a top-notch product commanding a high-ticket price, the package offering might be one of the reasons aside from being a really great piece of engineering. But whatever reason it may take, this product truly compensate a lot by bringing the best equipment for the whole family that is trustworthy and dependable for any situation.


One of the most recognizable brands the world over concerning bows, archery gears and it’s accessories; Bowtech is a renowned entity that produces these quality equipment enjoyed by enthusiasts and professional shooters globally.

The Diamond by Bowtech Core 40-70# 25″-30# Compound Bow Package is one of the models this company is offering for the savvy shooters or the serious beginners. This compound bow, although has a high-end price tag, is also one of the most durable and dependable bow you could find in the market.

See for yourself why this product is top-of-the-line which is currently garnering 89% satisfaction rating among it’s loyal customers, according to Amazon. This assessment would certainly give you a second look at this bow which is also becoming a best-seller on its category.

Product Features

1. For Family Use

This state-of-the-art product is not only conducive to professionals and masters of the shooting range, but also for their entire family who want to experience one of the best innovations and development man has achieved in the field of archery. The effective features such as the bow’s ability to be customized according to needs qualify any member of the house to utilize this amazing tool of entertainment.

2. Lightweight

Weighing only 5.90 lbs. the bow is so light to be carried around by your youngest and aiming while targeting is convenient and requires only minimum effort. Even if the bow is fully loaded with accessories, the burden is practically unfelt by the shooter as this will not affect his performance due to its lightness. Where ever you take this bow, the portability just makes it easier to trek one place to another especially when you hunt.

3. Terrific Arrow Rest, Axle to Axle Length

Bowtech Diamond Core 40-70 lbs Right Hand Compound Bow Package Review

Finding the best spot for an arrow maneuvering is not difficult to find when using the Bowtech Core. This compound bow has a unique arrow rest design which maintains a steady angle making sure the arrow stays in place even in unusual and awkward position especially during hunting. The axle to axle length of this rugged compound bow is pegged at 36 inches.

4. Reflex Riser Type of Construction

This handy bow is a reflex riser type which makes it more susceptible to attain faster speed of the arrow, enhancing a good and smooth shot. Though the speed may be less forgiving for the shooter, the more accurate and precise the shot, the better it is for the archer. The bow has a speed of 322 feet per second (fps) and “let-off” percentile of 70%.

5. Waterproof and Fog Proof Sights

You are assured of the sights’ qualities and integrity as they are tested and proven to withstand the worst effect of un-friendly environment as per testing done during manufacturing. These sights are guaranteed water and fog proof in case you hunt or play tournaments under unexpected rough weather.

6. Draw Length Enhanced by Rotating Modules

The innovative rotating modules is one of the highlights of the Diamond Core Compound Bow’s advanced feature where it helps a lot in adjusting the draw length without even replacing the cams to achieve the desired draw length. The draw length’s range of this reliable bow is between 25 to 30 inches.

7. Draw Weight

The draw weight of this bow is truly adaptable for any shooting age which is why it is ideal for the whole family whether this bow is used for outdoor sports with dads and his kids or the mother and daughter collaboration for a total family bonding through archery, or whether the bow is primarily used in tournaments or goodwill games. The draw weight ranges from 40 to 70 lbs.

Pros & Cons


  • For right handed shooters, but could be tweaked: This compound bow is basically designed for use by right-handed individuals. However, there is an option to convert the bow for left-handed people. Just consult the owner’s manual on the package and you would find out that only minor modification is needed for the conversion.
  • Ideal for all ages and genders: As we have mentioned above, this bow could be used by anyone who are in the shooting age because of its adaptability to adjust for the users’ capability and capacity to make the shot whether in long or close-ranges.
  • Practically “Ready to Use”: Since the package you will receive when you make the purchase contains practically all you need to start the activity immediately, there is no need to purchase additional accessories, unless you want more. The bow is always ready for your customization.
  • With option to use other type of arrows: Unlike bows of other brands, the Bowtech Diamond Core has the option to use other types of arrows the shooter prefers.
  • Included accessories: This product has the following accessories included in the package when you purchase: 3 pin sights, whisker biscuit type arrow rest, 5 units of arrow quivers, an octane stabilizer, ¼” peep sight (alloy), a wrist sling and string silencers. Check them out when you receive your order.


  • We could only surmise that this product has a steep price compared to other products with inferior qualities compared to this one. But you may consider its cost effectiveness in the long run.


It’s a rarity in the industry finding the kind of compound bow such as the Diamond by Bowtech Core 40-70 lbs. 25″-30″ Compound Bow Package, which could be used by either the young and old wielders and be customized according to the user’s preference. The bow could be converted from right-handed to left-handed use, has a complete set of accessories, could set draw weight and draw length, let-off and other preferred usage by its owner; in other words, the bow could simply be manipulated as the circumstance arises. Now you have hints on why the high-end price tag. Really clever!

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