Crossbow Myths You Should Stop Believing

A hunter’s bow is his best friend. Whenever a hunter goes into the woods to find some game, he will be carrying his best compound bow or his best crossbow to get his game. Now, let’s talk about crossbows in particular. Crossbows have always been the center of controversy when it comes to hunting because crossbow hunters were seen as unfair. To most people, using of crossbow is the same as using a gun. It gives an unfair advantage against the other hunters who are using compound bows and such. Some bowhunting governing bodies have even restricted the use of crossbows. According to them, a crossbow user will always defeat a bow user. Even if the bow user buys the best compound bow in the market, he will never defeat a crossbow user. To these people, that is seen as unfair.

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So where do people get this notion that crossbows give an unfair advantage? It is actually due to some myths that have spread in the bowhunting world. We’re going to list down some of these myths and why people should stop believing in them.

1. The most common myth about crossbows is that one does not need practice to use one. In other words, if you own a crossbow, you will automatically be good! This is definitely not the case! Even if using a crossbow is different (and a little easier) than using a bow, you still have to practice how to aim, how to judge distance, and how to time your shot with the crossbow. You do not automatically become good in all aspects of archery just because you own a crossbow.

2. Another very annoying myth that has been spreading throughout the world of bowhunting is that crossbows are actually just guns that look like bows. So in other words, crossbows are not bows. This is definitely one of the most ridiculous myths that has ever spread. First of all, if you would look at the history of the crossbow, you will realize that a crossbow is just a variation of a bow. Second, the functions of a crossbow and a gun are totally different. The speed of a bolt that comes from a crossbow is nowhere near the speed of a bullet that comes from a gun. Also, the range of the crossbow is not the same as the range of a gun. While guns can hit targets very far away without really changing directions, a crossbow’s bolt can change direction mid air.

3. Most bow hunters perceive crossbows as long range weapons that can hit a target in long distance, because a bolt travels faster than an arrow. Now, the thing about crossbow is that in long range scenarios, it is a very disadvantageous weapon. Why? Because it is noisier than a normal bow. So if a hunter uses a crossbow to hit a deer that is 80 yards away, the deer will be able to hear the bolt being released. Once the deer hears the sound of the crossbow, then it will run away quickly and escape.

4. Yet another very ridiculous myth that has been spread by anti-crossbow organizations is that crossbows are weapons of poachers. This myth stems out from the other myth mentioned earlier that crossbows are just guns that look like bows. First off, poachers use guns like rifles or shotguns. We have already mentioned earlier how crossbows are so much different from guns. Second, poachers would often try to hit a deer from a long range stand so that they can get it and run away quickly. Crossbow users, on the other hand, know how disadvantageous it is to use crossbows at a long range distance so they prefer to get near first and then shoot.


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As you can see, these myths practically don’t make sense at all and are pure hearsays. It is important to know the facts from what is not. Bows and crossbows each have their own respective advantages and disadvantages. Crossbows may have some advantages over regular bows, but regular bows also have their own advantages over crossbows. The only thing that will make a big difference is the skill of the hunter.

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