30-70 lbs Camouflage Archery Compound Aluminum Crossbow Review

30 - 70 lb Black Camouflage Camo Archery Hunting Compound Bow review
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This lightweight and ideal for hunting compound bow does not let you to spend much of your precious dollars just to give you the pleasure and worthwhile adventure in hunting. The quality and good craftsmanship need not to be expensive, the Black / Camouflage Camo Archery Hunting Compound Bow 30-70 lbs. literally fits this saying.


Compound bows are the current craze among archery enthusiasts today and these tools of entertainment, hunting and sports are becoming more and more sophisticated. Just like the Camo Archery Hunting Compound Bow which is one of the best designed compound bows in the field that have one of the lowest price tags.

This bow comes in black or camouflage and primarily made to hunt and has a let-off of 75% to 80% and its satisfaction rating among customers is a high 79% according to Amazon on its latest report. The price is competitive compared to other brand of its class and the product enjoys the No. 7 spot in Amazon’s Sports and Outdoors category as of this writing.

But what really made this compound bow stands out among its competitors aside from being affordable and ranks among the Top 10 in Amazon’s Sports and Outdoors category? Find out why, only here with our review.

Last update on 2018-03-08 PST - Details

Product Features

30-70 lb Black Camouflage Camo Archery Hunting Compound Bow Product Amazon Review

1. Adjustable Draw Weight

Young and small frame shooters may find this bow convenient to use as this has wide span of draw weight which is from 30 to 70 lbs. This range is ideal even for the diminutive archers who want to start early with the sports. The extent of its draw weight is practically suited to able-bodied wielders and they could adjust the draw as they get older and acquire more experience towards the sports.

The professionals and older archers, on the other hand, will not have difficulty in fixing the right draw for their preference. The draw weight is expected to measure up to your strength and power to assure of precise and accurate shooting.

2. Draw Length, Reflex Riser and Speed

The draw length of the Camo Compound Bow is adjustable from 25 to 31 inches, still a great range for both starters and masters of the shooting gallery and veteran hunters of prey. The adjustable draw length is easily done by just simple adjustment on the cams. You could read carefully the manual of this product for your reference.

This bow has a rated speed of 310 feet per second (fps) and constructed as a reflex riser that is why it has a faster arrow speed. The reflex riser construction is currently the most popular type of riser in the global market and it is quiet understandable because archers want fast speed more than the ease of aiming. At this point, you may find it less forgiving, but this could be totally eliminated as you become more accustomed to the bow with the right practice shootings and perhaps, the right attitude. Unlike in the deflex construction, in reflex type the grip throat is located at the rear of the pivot point line making shooting more accurate.

3. Lightweight, Axle to Axle Length

With weight at just 4.40 lbs. the Camo Archery Hunting Compound Bow is lightweight enough to be wielded around and transported as you travel. The axle to axle length, on the other hand is pegged at 31.50 inches which is more than enough to boost precision and accurate aiming and shot.

4. Camouflage Design

Being a hunting bow, the color of it must blend with the environment where you are making the hunt. To realize this situation, the manufacturer had designed this bow in camouflage to intensify the stealthy hunt ordinary colors may bring the prey startled and could easily notice your presence.

5. Comes with Dependable Arrow Rest

As your hunting becomes increasingly intense, you can rely dependably on the sturdy arrow rest to maintain your angle of aim while you are in an awkward position especially in bushy and rocky terrain where your prey is.

Last update on 2018-03-08 PST - Details

Pros & Cons


  • No special tools needed: To change the draw weight, all you need is an Allen wrench to adjust the draw weight setting.
  • Comfortable Grip: The grip of this bow is made from polished and durable aluminum and is not slippery so aiming and holding the bow firmly is as comfortable as you could imagine.
  • Quiver and sight mountable: If you decide to install a quiver and a sight, the quiver could be installed after installing the sight (both are ordered separately). The quiver is mountable at the side of the sight.
  • Could be adaptable with a stabilizer: Customers who want more stability and diminish vibrations on the string could install a stabilizer. An added minimal cost may entail a more accurate and convenient targeting. The stabilizer may be ordered separately from your dealer.
  • Best also as a backup equipment: When you have a more expensive bow on your arsenal and something unexpected happens to it rendering it un-operational, you can surely rely on the Camo Compound Bow to finish the task.
  • Ideal also for anyone of shooting age: Since this bow is lightweight, has wide range of draw weight and draw length, it is compatible with younger shooters and not necessarily for hunting alone. A good preference is an outdoor entertainment and archery lessons for the young trainees.


  • Right-handed: This version is applicable only to right-handed shooters.
  • Limited accessory included: The package you will receive when you order includes one unit of compound bow (partly disassembled) and 3 aluminum arrows (30” length).
  • Recommended arrows: The manufacturer has recommendation of using only 30” aluminum or carbon arrows for better results.
  • Heavier arrows: Some customers are stating that the arrows included in the package is heavier than most of other models. Buying another set of arrows as spares is a must if you own a bow, you could use these heavier arrows during target sessions and when wind is faster.

Last update on 2018-03-08 PST - Details


If you ever decide to pursue your passion in archery and you want to start small (in budget, we suppose), think of the Black / Camouflage Camo Archery Hunting Compound Bow 30-70 lbs. by iGlow. This compound bow is truly amazing despite its lack of accessories, which you may add (little by little if you like) as you become master of the shooting range.

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