Best Hunting Shows on Netflix

Are you an outdoor enthusiast with a penchant for hunting, or perhaps just curious about this primal, time-honored tradition? Well, you’re in for a treat because Netflix has an array of hunting shows that will not only entertain you but also educate you about the art of hunting. In this blog post, we’ll explore the best hunting shows on Netflix, diving into their unique features and what makes them worth your time.

1. MeatEater with Steven Rinella

Synopsis: “MeatEater” is not just a hunting show; it’s an immersive journey into the world of hunting, conservation, and wild game cuisine. Hosted by the charismatic Steven Rinella, this series offers a blend of adventure and education that’s hard to beat.

Why It’s Worth Watching:

  • Education Meets Entertainment: Each episode is an informative expedition that takes you through the hunting process and the importance of ethical hunting and conservation.
  • Stunning Cinematography: The breathtaking landscapes and cinematography make you feel like you’re right there in the wilderness.
  • Cooking Adventures: Rinella’s culinary skills add an exciting dimension to the show, as he prepares delicious meals with the harvested game.

2. The Hunting Public

Synopsis: “The Hunting Public” is all about the real, unfiltered hunting experience. Follow a group of passionate hunters as they embark on public land hunting adventures across the United States.

Why It’s Worth Watching:

  • Accessible Hunting: This show focuses on public land hunting, making it relatable to viewers who may not have access to private hunting grounds.
  • Tips and Tactics: The hosts share practical hunting tips, techniques, and strategies.
  • Authenticity: It’s not staged or scripted, so you’ll get a genuine look at the challenges and successes of hunting.

3. Alone

Synopsis: “Alone” is not your typical hunting show, but it’s a survivalist’s dream. Contestants are dropped into the wilderness, equipped with limited gear, and must rely on their hunting and survival skills.

Why It’s Worth Watching:

  • Survival Skills: You’ll witness contestants employing hunting and trapping techniques to secure their food source.
  • Mental Toughness: “Alone” showcases the mental and emotional challenges of hunting and surviving in the wild.
  • Reality TV with a Purpose: It’s both entertaining and educational, showing the importance of resourcefulness and resilience in the wilderness.

4. Skull Bound TV

Synopsis: “Skull Bound TV” is a unique hunting show hosted by Jana Waller, a passionate hunter and conservationist. The show blends hunting adventures with a strong focus on honoring and preserving the animals hunted.

Why It’s Worth Watching:

  • Conservation Message: Jana Waller’s dedication to wildlife conservation shines through each episode.
  • Empowering Women: This show is an excellent example of women in the hunting world, breaking stereotypes and making their mark.
  • Trophy to Table: It demonstrates the respect for the animal and the concept of “trophy to table” hunting.

5. The Outdoor Option

Synopsis: “The Outdoor Option” is a family-oriented hunting show featuring the Kinion family. This series highlights the bonding experience that hunting can provide for families.

Why It’s Worth Watching:

  • Family Values: The show emphasizes the importance of family connections and shared outdoor experiences.
  • Variety of Hunts: The Kinion family’s hunting adventures range from big game to small game, making it appealing to a wide audience.
  • Educational and Fun: It offers a balance of educational content and entertaining hunting expeditions.

6. Wired to Hunt

Synopsis: “Wired to Hunt” is for the hunting purist. Host Mark Kenyon explores various hunting strategies and tactics while delving into the mindset of a hunter.

Why It’s Worth Watching:

  • In-Depth Analysis: This show goes beyond the hunt itself and explores the psychology and strategy behind hunting.
  • Diverse Locations: Kenyon takes you on hunting trips to different regions, showcasing the adaptability of hunting skills.
  • Community and Connection: It fosters a sense of community among hunters and outdoor enthusiasts.

7. Life Below Zero

Synopsis: While not strictly a hunting show, “Life Below Zero” is a gripping series about individuals who choose to live in the remote wilderness. Hunting plays a significant role in their survival.

Why It’s Worth Watching:

  • Survival in the Wild: This show delves into the challenges of hunting for subsistence in extreme conditions.
  • Diverse Characters: You’ll meet a range of individuals with unique hunting and survival skills.
  • Harsh Beauty: The breathtaking but unforgiving Alaskan wilderness is a character in itself.

8. The Western Hunter

Synopsis: “The Western Hunter” is a captivating series that follows a group of hunters exploring the challenging terrain of the American West. This show focuses on the pursuit of big game in the rugged wilderness.

Why It’s Worth Watching:

  • Western Wilderness: The show captures the breathtaking landscapes of the American West, showcasing the beauty and challenges of hunting in this region.
  • Expert Guidance: The hosts provide valuable insights into the specific techniques and equipment necessary for successful big game hunting.
  • Storytelling: Each episode weaves a compelling narrative around the adventures and challenges faced by the hunters.

9. Chasing Monsters

Synopsis: “Chasing Monsters” is a thrilling show that combines hunting with the pursuit of some of the most formidable and dangerous creatures in the world. Join the hosts as they track down and conquer these ultimate hunting challenges.

Why It’s Worth Watching:

  • Adrenaline-Fueled Action: The show offers heart-pounding moments as the hosts tackle some of the most ferocious predators on the planet.
  • Global Adventure: Viewers are taken on a global journey to various continents, witnessing unique hunting experiences in different environments.
  • Conservation Focus: While showcasing the thrill of the hunt, the show emphasizes the importance of responsible hunting practices and conservation efforts.

10. The Legacy Chronicles

Synopsis: “The Legacy Chronicles” is a compelling series that delves into the rich heritage and traditions of hunting, exploring its cultural significance and historical evolution across different regions.

Why It’s Worth Watching:

  • Cultural Exploration: The show offers a deep dive into the cultural and historical aspects of hunting, shedding light on its significance in different communities.
  • Heritage Preservation: Viewers gain an understanding of the efforts to preserve traditional hunting practices in the face of modern challenges.
  • Narrative Depth: The storytelling in “The Legacy Chronicles” makes it more than just a hunting show, creating a connection between the audience and the legacy of hunting.

11. Be Alive

Synopsis: “Be Alive” is an awe-inspiring series that focuses on the raw beauty of the natural world and the intricate balance between predator and prey. Witness the incredible strategies and adaptations of both hunters and the hunted.

Why It’s Worth Watching:

  • Ecosystem Dynamics: The show highlights the intricate relationships between predators and their environment, emphasizing the importance of maintaining ecological balance.
  • Cinematic Spectacle: With stunning visuals and captivating cinematography, “Be Alive” offers an immersive experience that brings viewers closer to the natural world.
  • Educational Significance: The series educates audiences about the importance of conservation and the role of hunters in maintaining the ecological equilibrium.

12. Bowhunter

Synopsis: “Bowhunter” is a show dedicated to the art and skill of bowhunting. Join the hosts as they demonstrate the challenges and rewards of hunting with a bow, showcasing the precision and patience required for this method.

Why It’s Worth Watching:

  • Technical Expertise: The show offers valuable insights into the nuances of bowhunting, including techniques, equipment selection, and precision shots.
  • Intimate Connection with Nature: Bowhunting requires a deeper understanding of animal behavior and the natural environment, fostering a profound connection with the wilderness.
  • Personal Journeys: Viewers get a glimpse into the personal journeys of the hunters, highlighting the emotional and spiritual aspects of bowhunting.

In Conclusion

Netflix offers a diverse selection of hunting shows that cater to both seasoned hunters and those new to the world of hunting. Whether you’re seeking adrenaline-pumping adventures, insightful conservation messages, or family-friendly content, there’s something for everyone. So, grab your remote, settle in, and prepare to be immersed in the thrilling world of hunting right from your living room.

Now it’s your turn! Share your thoughts on your favorite hunting shows, or let us know if you’ve discovered a hidden gem on Netflix. Happy hunting, and happy watching!

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