Infographic: How To Choose A Best Compound Bow?

best compound bow infographic

Choosing a Compound Bow

It’s a very problematic task to select and buy a best compound bow suitable for your demands and needs as abundance of companies and brands are available in the market especially the online market. Selection of best compound bow purely depends on your intended use (sports or professional). Few points should be kept in mind to make the selection of compound bow easy and less time consuming. Compound bows are different in terms of shape, size, color and design but some features are similar and provide the consistent for comparison. Best compound bows comprised of top limb and short limp on both sides of the bow but light weight bows are always recommended for sports and fun purposes. However, heavy bows are preferred for professional requiring high speed and intensity but speed can also be enhanced by choosing strong idler wheel. Best compound bow must provide adjustable brace height as it is helpful in position the target in accordance with your height.

Selection of good compound bow also depends on selection of brand or manufacturer. Explore different brands and compare their key features and follow their updates regularly in addition to the effective use of three day trial period. Alternatively, discussion with bow expert in the market would enlighten you with their valuable insight but always keep your budget in mind.

In short, light weight bows with adjustable brace and height and strong idler wheel are usually the best but quality of material should not be compromised.

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