What are the benefits of learning archery?

Archery is a skill, practice, or sport that involves using bows to throw arrows towards certain targets. Historically archery was used as a combat and hunting activity. In times that are more recent archery has become more of a competitive and recreational sport with participants going all the way to the Olympics. Participants in the sport are commonly known as bowmen or archers and experts/lovers are sometimes called toxophilites.

Benefits of learning archery

1. Increased focus

Archers learn how to focus on their target while at the same time coordinating their hands to the aim. This focus allows archers to be more consistent in other activities such as driving or working in high-pressure circumstances. Archers must learn to put off surrounding distractions in order to concentrate on their target. This focus allows the body to build muscle memory, which is a good tactic especially in sensitive situations.

Youth learning archery help increased focus

2. Increased strength

Though often viewed as a stationary sport, archery requires significant amounts of strength, focus, and endurance. This requires archers to train on whole body muscle building especially in the chest area, hands, feet, shoulders, and fingers. With increased practice, participants are able to increase on the draw weight, as the sport itself leads to muscle development of the major upper body muscles.

women archery use smick sage bow

3. Better coordination

Archers must be able to coordinate their hands, legs, chest, and mind in order to make a perfect draw. The tactic that archers learn help them to increase coordination in other activities of their daily life as well. Coordination also helps to improve body balancing and archers naturally tend to be more stable even when in motion.

4. Decreases anti-social behavior

Archery is a social sport that usually involves many participants from different lifestyles and from different cultures especially when competitive archery is the case. This mingling with people, helps people with poor social skills to learn how to interact with other people that are different or that are not related to them.

5. Improves patience, self confidence, and relaxation

Archers learn how to wait for the opportune time to draw their arrows, at the same time when competing against others, a good score helps to improve a person’s self-confidence and after the game one feels relaxed as anxiety reduces.

archery sport olympic

Best bows for beginners

For beginners, the game can be very tricky. Compound bows using a levering system of pulleys and cables to bend limbs are stiffer than longbows or recurve bows. This rigidity makes compound bows good choices for beginners as they are not only cheap, but they are more accurate, less sensitive to changes in humidity and temperatures, and are more energy efficient.

These characteristics make compound bows better choices for beginners when compared to longbows and recurve bows that depend mainly on an archer’s skill and strength in order to make an excellent draw.


Archery is a sport, combat, or hunting activity that can be practiced by anyone without regard to age, sex, occupation, social status, or locale. With a good bow and set of arrows, any participant can enjoy the sport even at the comfort of their own homes. However, precaution is required if practicing the sport in public areas where chances of injury to others is likely.

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