Bear Archery Cruzer Compound Bow Package 70lbs Review

Bear Archery Cruzer Ready to Hunt Compound Bow Package 70lb RH A5CZ21007R
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The lightness and versatility of the Bear Archery Cruzer Compound Bow Package 70lb. is what it takes to make someone achieve the best performance in any endeavor a serious bow-hunter has dreamed of. And this compound bow made by Bear Archery is one for the books. Though priced higher than most of its competitors, the accessories and mainly the bow’s unique design, features and functionalities speak for itself.


The Bear Archery Cruzer Ready to Hunt Compound Bow Package is one of Amazon’s marketed products that are currently enjoying a high rating of satisfaction among its customers (rated 4.8-Stars). This compound bow is offered in package anyone could be happy having one.

The Cruzer, though has a steep price compared to some of other brands’ similar products, this Bear Archery masterpiece could be considered one of the finest among the newly-emerging designs and innovations in the industry.

Basically conducive to a wide range of shooters in various ages, this smartly designed bow could be used by the youngest sons (in shooting age) up to more able-bodied fathers (or the mom and daughter tandem).

The versatility of this compound bow is highly-admired by the best shots and the novices in the field of bow hunting but still manages to be more precise and lightweight at the same time. Consequently, the wide age range of users this bow could serve is one of its main attractions which are why it is becoming more popular.

Learn more of this product’s awesome features and figure out how it could make your hunting or bow shooting day more successful and always on the right target.

Product Features

Bear Archery Cruzer Ready to Hunt Compound Bow Package 70lb RH A5CZ21007R

1. Quad Limbs Construction

The Bear Archery Cruzer is a Quad Limbs construction where it’s upper and lower limbs are split 2 ways. The Max-Preload Quad Limbs construction is proven to diminish hand-shock and vibrations that may result to muscle ache and fatigue overtime. The “Quad” just gives the serious wielders the convenience and comforts other conventional bows could not provide.

2. Quality Material

This compound bow is made from durable and lightweight aluminum boosting sturdiness and yet very flexible and only weighs 3.60 lbs. not including its accessories. Even if accessories are included, the weight still suffices for use by younger and small frame shooters.

3. Wide Range Draw Length

The draw length of this bow is stunningly wide range which spans from 12 to 30 inches. This range is quiet rare in the industry, but Bear Archery’s unique design could give the young bow shooter or the adult archer the right length they could muster. This draw length could be achieved in every half inch increment or adjustment. So, big daddy could very well be alternating its use with his junior anytime and in any circumstances, only minor adjustments are needed.

4. Wide Range Draw Weight

While the draw length is wide range, so does its draw weight. The Cruzer bow is also adjustable, and not only that, it is incredibly variable from 5 lbs. all the way up to 70 lbs. draw weight. That’s a way too large an adjustment! But still, the Cruzer is designed to be user and age-friendly. This versatility only makes this product more of a family property despite its steep price.

5. Offset String Suppressors

The bow is equipped with an offset string suppressors that minimizes noise by diminishing the vibration made by the string after every shot. The suppressors (basically a string silencer) deaden the bow without decreasing the accuracy of the aim and consequently the shot.

6. Reflex Riser

Practically made as a reflex riser bow, the Cruzer is a high-speed shooter and is less forgiving. The reflex riser is commonly the best choice among professional archers where they could bear the less forgiving characteristic of a bow against the faster speed of the arrow once it leaves the string. Most shooters prefer the power against handling on which they have muster the right skill to counterbalance its effect on their performance.

7. Brace Height and Axle to Axle Length

This compound bow has a brace length of 6.50 inches and an axle to axle length of 32 inches. The accessories of this bow are engineered with quality and perfection by Trophy Ridge, a well-known brand in bow accessories manufacturing. The brace height enables younger wielders to benefit more on this ratio without sacrificing stability and accuracy for older big frame users.

8. Complete Package

Since this package arrives to you with complete accessories you don’t have to purchase additional accessory, lest you want more. But definitely, you may want to know the content of your package when you ordered. Here are they: one unit Cruzer compound bow, one heavy-duty whisker biscuit arrow rest, fiber optic sights, one wrist strap, one quiver and a stabilizer. Now, you may not wonder of the steep price tag anymore.

Pros & Cons


  • USA made: Most of the parts and accessories of this bow are primarily made in the USA, you are assured of its quality and dependability even when use continuously in harsh environment and in intense conditions.
  • Advanced grip design: The grip is designed using advanced technology which totally eliminates hand torque that may affect aiming and accuracy compared to regular grip of other bows. The grip had been upgraded from previous design which gives shooters the soft, convenient and comfortable feel when aiming for the target.
  • A truly “Ready to Hunt” bow: Unlike other models of its class, this complete set of bow comes with relevant accessories and you need not spend more of your hard-earned money to buy additional parts. You are really ready to shoot immediately after receiving the package, without “further ado”.
  • Fiber optic sight provided: The fiber optic sight allows you to shoot at different ranges without blocking your clear line of sight.


  • IBO Rating: This bow has an IBO (International Bow-hunting Organization) speed rating of 310 feet per second (fps) which falls under “a not so fast” category compared to bows achieving speed of over 320 fps. But the rating is still considered “fast speed” especially for younger shooters.
  • The unit comes disassembled.


The Bear Archery Cruzer Compound Bow Package 70lb. is certainly a wise investment where practically anyone could use this uniquely designed compound bow. Aside from professionals, amateurs, young and old shooters and even small and medium built frame bow-hunters could enjoy the accuracy and wide range adjustments of this product’s draw weight and length. Truly your best buy ever!

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