Coyote Calls Every Hunter Should Know

One of the most common animals that hunters love to catch are coyotes. Coyotes are not extremely fierce but at the same time, they are not easy to catch either. This makes them the perfect target for any hunter. However, the question would be how you can lure them into your line of sight so that you can get them? The answer to that is to learn the different kinds of coyote calls. If you want the coyotes to react to your call, you have to first study their howl  and use it against them. So what are the different coyote calls that hunters can use? There are three major calls that hunters should learn.

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Because coyotes are, by nature, territorial to their pack members, pretending to be one of their pack members in distress is one of the most effective ways to get them to come to you. By whining and yelping like a coyote cub, you will attract the adult coyotes right away. Their instinct will force them to charge out to where you are and will probe them to jump at you. Although this call is very effective, it can be pretty dangerous at the same time. If you are not careful, you will be attacked by the coyote once it discovers that you have been trying to trick them. So in order to execute this call effectively, make sure that you have a hunting partner. Have your partner hide behind a rock while you are hidden at the side ready with your weapon. When you see that the coyote is responding and running to where your partner is, wait for it to come near your range and shoot it.

Another very effective coyote call is the prey distress call. Coyotes would always respond to the sound of their prey moving around. But the question is, how are you going to emulate the sound of their prey? Do you have to learn the different sounds of their prey? Luckily for us, technology allows us to skip all of that. These days, there are actually electronic coyote callers that can imitate the sound of pretty much any small animal. These devices will make things easier for hunters. Now, one thing to take note of while using a prey distress call is that you can’t expect the coyote to dash to your direction right away. These animals are smart hunters. They are not going to run in without first inspecting the area. So after your prey distress call, wait for the coyotes to come near then shoot when they are at a good range. This is better done at a long range distance so that the coyote will not smell your scent nearby.

The third one is the challenge call. When you sound a challenge call, you are directly challenging them to a fight just like the way a knight would challenge another one to a duel. When you sound a challenge call, it means that you are stepping into the territory of the coyotes. They will all come out and try to make you leave. Now, these animals are not killers by nature. They are actually peace loving ones which means that as much as possible, they don’t want to fight. So what they will do is that they will confront the threat and try to make it leave.

Now, the great thing about these three calls is that you can actually combine them in order to control the moves of the coyote. For example, you can use the challenge call to lure them out into the area. Once the coyotes are out in the open, hide your presence and do a distress call. By doing this, the coyotes will think that one of their own pack members was attacked by the predator and injured. This will make them a bit more aggressive and a little more reckless. When this happens, it will be easier for you to shoot them since they are coming straight at you.

Learning coyote calls is essential when it comes to coyote hunting because these animals are very smart. They are natural hunters that know how to hide and attack when the time is needed. So in order for you to get them, you first need to outsmart them in their own game.

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