Adjustable Quad Limb Compound Bow Package 25-55 lbs Review

SAS 25-55 Lb 20-29'' Adjustable Quad Limb Compound Bow Package With 3-pin Sight, Arrow Rest, Quiver and Arrows
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Rated by Amazon as among the top 5 in Sports and Outdoors category, the SAS 25-55 lbs. 20-29” Adjustable Quad Limb Compound Bow truly dazzles wielders and shooters of any stature and age. Its fast and powerful arrow slinging combined with convenience and comfort in aiming makes any target within an arm’s reach. Really one of the finest and the best compound bow there is!


Modern bows are compound where they use pulleys and cables as levering system to bend the limbs. The compound bow is currently the dominant form of bow in the United States. The SAS (Southern Archery Supply) 25-55 lbs. 20-29″ Adjustable Quad Limb Compound Bow (also known as the Rex Quad Limb Compound Bow) is one of America’s leading compound bow when it comes to hunting, archery, tournaments or just plain sports and outdoor activities.

Described as one of the best on its class, the SAS’s Rex Quad Limb Compound Bow was introduced years ago but it continues to amaze not only professional and amateur shooters alike because of its features and traits not commonly associated with conventional bows.

Compound bow is basically useful to shooters because as the string is drawn, the pulleys rotate which are rather eccentric than round making pulling effect much more effective. As they rotate, they are giving more mechanical advantage for the wielders.

Take a glimpse on what this product has to offer, as we are giving you some of its mesmerizing features that are certainly worth every penny.

Product Features

1. High-speed Shooter, Draw Length, Draw Weight

The SAS 25-55 lbs. Compound Bow enables shooter to shoot a fast travelling arrow, about 235 feet per second maximum. Some professional wielders may find this speed adaptable to their liking as focusing the target is more convenient.

Consequently, this bow has an adjustable draw length which ranges from 20 to 29 inches. Draw length is practically the distance where you could draw or pull the string to its effective range. So, if you could pull the string up to 29 inches, and it is the aim you find more effective, this bow just fit your needs.

SAS 25 to 55 Lbs Adjustable Quad Limb Compound Bow Review

For some tips, taller shooters need more draw length while smaller ones follow that they need smaller draw length, which is why this bow has a wide range of adjustment so it could fit shooters of any height.

Additionally, the draw weight of this compound bow range from 25 to 55 lbs. which is also considered wide range to give any shooter the best range for them. The draw weight, on the other hand, is the comfortable amount of weight a shooter exerted to pull back the string and make an effective shot.

2. Compound Material, Lightweight

This bow is primarily made from aircraft-grade aluminum alloy that is durable, tough yet flexible, lightweight and corrosion resistant. Every SAS Compound Bow is machine and torture-tested to assure quality product that could withstand the test of time and durable enough to handle the stress that comes with bending and vibrations made during usage. The entire product weighs only 4 lbs. light enough for the average built shooter.

3. Axle to Axle Length

The bow has an axle to axle length of 28 inches which allows easier to shoot accurately while you aim for the target. The axle to axle length is primarily the distance between the two axles (or the two metal rods at the end of each limb). Experts agreed that the longer the distance between them, the easier to aim perfectly.

4. Reflex Riser Compound Bow

This bow is constructed as a reflex riser type where the shooter could easily achieve faster speed on arrows but less forgiving. “Forgiving” on this instance means a steady hold on the bow whilst an un-reflex (called “deflex riser”) type could make you handle the bow more conveniently, this type though enables you to shoot in straighter path allowing a more accurate shot.

5. Compressed ABS Quad Limbs

The compressed bow limbs construction adds life to your equipment. The SAS 25 to 55 lbs. Compound bow will bring you to generations of archery because of this ingenuous innovation only SAS could perfectly execute. The limbs of this bow are split (hence the term “Quad”) where both the upper and lower limbs are constructed this way. Enthusiast believed that this construction give shooters less hand-shock compared to solid limbs.

Pros & Cons


  • Ideal for women and small frame men: The brace height (7 inches) of the Rex Quad Limb Compound Bow is conducive to women and young adults and its draw weight range add up to its susceptibility for women and small built shooters. But it is also best for medium frame men who want convenience and comfort in aiming.
  • Numerous accessories that come with the package: As stated on the product description, aside from a set of durable compound bow, your package include one 3-pin Bow Sight, one Twister Arrow Rest, one Peep Sight, one Quiver and 3 Arrows. These accessories will basically bring you straight through a formidable hunting or a gallant tournament.


  • Needs some assembly and additional accessory installation: While this product comes to you assembled, there are some parts that need to be installed such as the peep sight. This accessory does come in the package, though, but you are the one who will mount this. Just read the accompanying owner’s manual and you are on the go!
  • Recommended arrow length and material to use: A 30-inch aluminum arrow is what the manufacturer recommends to use for this bow. This does not make the choice for the specific length and material for the arrow a handicap but rather an assurance of great performance under many circumstances.


The revolutionary designed SAS 25-55 lbs. 20-29” Adjustable Quad Limb Compound Bow Package (3-pin Sight, Arrow Rest, Quiver and Arrows) is becoming more of a necessity for the enthusiasts than any other brand. The Quad Limb and short brace design features make it more attractive to women and young men of this generation. And they are probably right; they want to secure their future in archery with a bang!

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