7 Tips on How to Choose Compound Bows for Beginners

Whether you have perfected the elusive bull’s eye shot or are an absolute archery beginner, it is sensible to purchase your own compound bow. Nonetheless, it is good to have some in-depth knowledge about these bows for you to pick the right type. As such, discussed below are some useful points to aid your selection of the best compound bow. Read further to acquaint yourself with a few surefire considerations for choosing the best compound bow for beginner.

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1. Eye Dominance

Eye dominance is imperative as you select the most useful compound bows since the human brain prefers one eye’s input over the other. As such, this means that the brain considers that eye’s input/judgment to be more reliable. However, the more dependable eye whose input your brain uses more is the same side as your writing arm. Nevertheless, some individuals may experience “cross-dominance”. In this case, a left-handed person may fire right-handed shots, and vice versa. Knowing your dominant eye helps you settle for the right bow that will see you fire the most effective shots.

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2. Draw Length

After establishing your dominant eye, you should again know your individual draw strength. Although the archery store should help you determine the draw length, you can also know it on your own. To measure your personal draw length, determine your wingspan by standing upright with the two hands fully outstretched to form a T. Get a companion to measure the distance from one finger tip to the other. However, you should confirm your draw length figures with a skilful archer to ascertain their accuracy. Picking the best compound bow that has the most comfortable and convenient draw length boosts the whole user experience and helps you master the most intricate archery tricks faster.

3. Axle-to-Axle Length

Axle-to-Axle measurements are also an important consideration while choosing the best compound bow. This is the measurement between the bow cams – the wheel-like devices that power the bow. The axle-to-axle measurement is useful as it will provide the correct measurement specs for the most fitting bow for you as an individual. It also increases your chances of selecting a good brand that fits the kind hunting you’ll be doing. For instance, if you’ll be hunting in a thick forest, a shorter bow is great. In the other hand, a longer one may suit individuals who roam treeless hunting grounds.

4. Draw Weight

Similarly, the draw weight is as significant as the draw length while selecting the most useful beginner compound bows. Your draw weight can be easily figured out by pulling a bow with a shoulder release or the hands. There is no particular formula for determining the best draw weight other than sampling different compound bow weights randomly until you find the most comfortable choice. Nonetheless, it is essential to find the right draw weight as this will determine the accuracy of your shots.

5. Shop Online

While you may be lucky enough to find excellent compound bow options locally, shopping online provides you a wider range of choices. Buying your beginner compound bow on the internet is a worthwhile decision since you are in a position to sample multiple options and pick the most convenient options. Remember to look at the reviews posted by previous customers in order to buy from a widely well-reputed website/online store. Make sure that you also understand the pricing criterion various online stores use. For example, check whether the prices provided are inclusive of shipping expenses or not.

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6. Talk to Many Compound Bow Sellers

Since it may not be easy to know the prevailing deals in the market, talking to numerous compound bow distributors will give you a quick overview about the price range for different compound bow brands. Engage as many sellers about the final prices for various brands so that you can strike the fairest compromise deals. Never go for the very first deal you come across as you commence your search.

7. Seek Expert Help

If you are simply interested in practicing archery as a total beginner, you may consider enlisting the expert assistance of other individuals with a comprehensive knowledge when searching for the best compound bow for beginner. As such, you should get tips from people who have bought different compound bows and ask them to help you choose a great one for a beginner. You may even be accompanied by a knowledgeable person as you tour the local/online stores.

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